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Use and maintenance of silk quilt

Use method:

1.  According to different season; room temperature and use environment, please properly choose the appropriate weight of natural silk quilt in order to have the comfortable sleep.

2.  Be sure to use the clean natural silk quilt.  Please prevent from staining the natural silk quilt.  Better to use quilt cover in daily use.

3.  Good sleeping posture can prevent the natural silk quilt from fierce pulling.  It can keep the sound and orderly internal structure of the wadding.

4.  Natural silk quilt can not be used in humid environment for a long period of time.  Otherwise silk sericin would have qualitative change.  It will badly affects the flexibility of natural silk, loose and comfortable quilt wadding.


Maintenance method:

1.  Storage:  Please keep the natural silk quilt in a dry and well-ventilated place.  Do not put heavy stuff on the natural silk quilt for a long period of time.  Otherwise it will badly affect the loose and flexible properties of the silk wadding.

2.  Sunning:  In order to ensure use hygiene of natural silk quilt; the constant and comfortable enjoyment, natural silk quilt shall be sunned regularly.  It is better in the natural environment of gentle breeze without scouring sun.  Usual airing time ranges from 4 to 5 hours.

3.  Cleaning:  It is forbidden to water-wash the natural silk quilt.  If the fabric is slightly stained, please clean it by small amount of water.  Slowly iron and dry it with low temperature cloth liner.  Be sure not to let the cleaning part contact heat source for a long time.  Regular cleaning of natural silk quilt refers to the quilt cover.


Conclusion:  Do not wash or recondition the natural silk quilt.  Better to sun and pat it for more times.